10 Useful Things For Less Than Five Pounds on Groupon

Groupon can be a fantastic place to find bargains for years now and it is still going strong. Plus, you can’t really go wrong if you’re only spending a fiver! Here is a list of 10 things that we think most people will find useful for themselves or even to give away as a gift.

Magnetic Therapy Posture Support Tops from – £2.99

Therapy Vest For Less Than Five Pounds

This will help you to improve your posture and could possibly help you relieve back problems if you suffer from that.

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  • 12-Pair Under Bed Shoe Organisers – £3.98

12-Pair Under Bed Shoe Organisers

Have you been told that you have too many shoes? Well for less than five pounds you can now stash some of your collection under your bed so it doesn’t look as bad.

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  • Running Belt with a Smartphone Pocket – £2.99

Running Belt with a Smartphone Pocket

Well done for sticking with your new years’ resolution to run as much as possible. This will only help to make things easier for you.

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  • Six Latte Glasses – £3.98

Six Latte Glasses

Six latte glasses for under a fiver? Now if only you could find beverages at that same bargain price what a wonderful world this would be.

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  • Anti-Snoring Strips – £4.98

Anti-Snoring Strips

Please don’t kill him. I know he’s keeping you up at night with his snoring while he sleeps soundly. Fix that issue with these handy little strips.

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  • Car Boot and Seat Protectors – £5

Car Boot and Seat Protectors Less Than Five Pounds

Whether you’re going camping or transporting your kids’ football team, now you don’t have to worry about mud getting all over the car. Save yourself money on an internal clean.

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  • Duvet Set – £4.99

Duvet Set

This is a matter of taste really. If you like it, you can’t go wrong with a price tag of under five pounds.

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  • Aluminium Card Wallet – £3.95

Aluminium Card Wallet

It is recommended that cards be kept in protective wallets these days to prevent people from using card readers to empty your bank account. Is there nothing these thieves won’t do?

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  • Vinyl Coasters – £2.98

Vinyl Coasters

If you have respect for wood, then get coasters. There’s nothing worse than ring stains on a wooden surface. Ok, there’s plenty worse than that but still, it’s not necessary.

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  • 45-in-1 Torx Precision Screwdriver Set – £3.98

Screwdriver Set

Fancy yourself to be a handyman around the house? Bet you never know that you could look the business for less than five pounds!

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