If you live in London, then you have probably been hit with the congestion charge penalty at some point.


What is the Congestion Charge?

Well as the name suggests, this is a fee that was set up to help reduce congestion in and around central London. A charging zone was set up around zone 1 and there is a £11.50 daily charge for driving a vehicle within the charging zone.

So how do you avoid the Congestion Charge Penalty?

Well, the easiest way is to not drive in London! That, of course, may not be possible for some people. If you do happen to frequent central London a few times during the charging hour, then you might want to consider using their auto-pay service.

I only discovered this the other day myself, after of course getting hit with a congestion charge penalty because I didn’t realise I drove through the zone. With their auto-pay service, they will automatically bill you anytime you go through the Congestion zone which means you never have to worry about their penalty notices again. Basically with auto-pay

  • You never forget to pay the charge again
  • You benefit from a reduced daily charge of £10.50 instead of £11.50
  • Protection from receiving Penalty Charge Notices as long as your vehicle is registered

Of course, there is an admin fee which is actually not too bad at £10 a year. If you drive through the congestion zone at least once a month, it would make sense to sign up for the auto pay service. Anything less would not really be worth it unless of course you always forget to pay and frequently get hit with Congestion Charge Penalty.

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