Cashback Sites Just Makes Sense

Cashback Sites Just Makes SenseWhy would you not shop via cashback sites?

You are spending the money anyway when you shop,

so why would you not earn a little money back in the process for the sake of one extra click.

Just to explain, cash back is a little promotional technique a lot of companies use these days to boost customer loyalty. While most companies will have their own rewards schemes, cash back is usually done via a third party website. You would basically access your favourite shop as normal by clicking a link on one of the Cash back sites and then anything you spend, you earn cash on.

Think of the cashback website as a mall full of your favourite stores. The only difference is, in this mall, no matter where you spend your money, you earn cashback. This being the case, I think it’s time to make a slight adjustment to the way you shop. Here are some of the top Cashback sites

Top Cashback


Fat Cheese

And here just some of the companies you can earn cashback from

Mars and Spencers, Tesco, AA, Vodaphone, and many many more

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