If you are not familiar with the concept of daily deals …… *tumbleweed*….. well, I’m speechless, but it’s never too late to find bargains on daily deal sites

Bargains on Daily Deals Websites

Ever since the launch of Groupon in 2008 we have seen a string of daily deals sites pop up all over the place. Some have come and gone and many have stayed but one thing for sure, the deals just keep getting better and better.

“The deals offered daily through these sites normally start at 50 percent off and can go as high as 90 percent cheaper than the normal price.”

If you are looking for bargains and discounts on this scale on, then here are a few sites that you should definitely bookmark or sign up to apart from Groupon;

  • Mighty Deals – I tend to find that they some really great offers on electronics more so than anything else. There is always an iPhone deal on for example. You will also find deals for travel and activities as well.
  • Wowcher – I’m sure you would have seen one of their adverts on TV. Wowcher is another great place to find some amazing daily deals. They have deals in every category of shopping that you can think of.
  • Treatwell – formerly known as Wahanda, they focus on hair and beauty products. Currently, it is one of the largest hair and beauty bookings sites in Europe. You are able to book at times and prices that suit you.
  • Living Social – They have hundreds of deals every day ranging from Days out to holiday packages to exclusive gourmet dinners and more.

A few tips for you

Watch out for “hidden” costs. Although most offers nowadays are genuine and good value for money, one common tactic of the daily deals sites is to promote an offer such as £1 paintballing which sounds great on the face of it.

However, after reading the full details you might find that paintballs & other equipment need to be purchased at an extra cost.

As you can’t really enjoy the experience without the additional equipment, the bill can get quite high. Be sure to check the fine print.

Be sure to vet the company

Remember that daily deals websites only host deals and aren’t necessarily responsible for the companies making these amazing offers. It’s always worth it to do a quick Google search on the company to see if anything comes up that would help you in making your decision.

The forums on Money Saving Expert, for example, would be a great place to get some honest feedback on whether a product or service was worth buying. Another great place to look for honest reviews is Trust Pilot.

Compare prices with elsewhere

While it can look like you’re saving a fortune off the normal price, make sure to have a look around first. Many a retailer has been known to price inflate so it looks like you’re getting a mega deal.

The underlying moral here, do your research first before parting with your money but make looking for bargains on daily deals sites an essential part of your smarter shopping experience.

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