Even without trying, we’ve all had memorable first dates although in many cases it’s not for the right reasons


I know for one I’ve had a few dating experiences and memorable first dates that have gone horribly wrong. They made me wished I had stayed in bed. Especially blind dates, they can end up being so awkward.

Well this is not a relationship blog but a friend of was complaining recently about how much money he spends on dates and then doesn’t even enjoy them so I decided to come up with some ideas that would create memorable first dates and not break the bank in the process.

Ballroom Dancing – £25

Memorable First Dates

This would only set you back £25 and would give you an excuse to get up close and personal with your date.

Scuba Diving – £35

Memorable first date

Your date is bound to remember everything about your initial encounter with this one. They do the diving at many locations across the UK and you get at least 1 to 1.5 hours under the water.

Go Zorbing – £29

first dates

What the hell is Zorbing? A lot of fun, that’s what. Basically you get to roll down a 200-metre hill while harnessed inside a giant inflatable sphere. How’s that for memorable first dates?

Soap Making – £49

First Date

You want to know that your date is clean right? Learn to make their own soaps with the use of the melt and pour method, with the help of a hands-on tutor.

First Dates

This is actually cheaper than going to the traditional cinema and a lot more comfortable. Enjoy a classic or contemporary movie in the surrounds of this plush private cinema, and sip beer or soft drink while crunching on popcorn

They may not be traditional ideas but definitely worth a try. Go ahead, live a little. Even if it doesn’t work out, you will definitely have one of you most memorable first dates and you are bound to enjoy yourself.
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