Tesco stepped up a battle with supermarket rivals by introducing a price-matching program that offers immediate discounts, rather than money off vouchers

Tesco will be comparing their prices to Sainsbury’, Asda and Morrison Supermarkets and if the overall amount would have been cheaper elsewhere, shoppers will get an immediate deduction from their bill.

Over recent years, it has become a bit of common practice for U.K. grocers to issue customers with a money off voucher to spend on their next shopping visit. This new system of discounting could be a real game changer for the supermarket. The immediacy and ease with which customers will get their money back could definitely be a draw that pulls more customers through the doors.

At the moment though, it would appear that Tesco’s Brand Guarantee with money off vouchers program will only be available in the larger stores and online.

It will compare prices against the other major players we mentioned earlier but not against German discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl, whose growing popularity with shoppers has fueled this recent price war. The program will include products that are placed on promotion by Tesco’s biggest rivals.

It’s likely that Tesco has only launched this money off vouchers initiative because it’s confident that its pricing is already very competitive but as long as it results in savings for us the consumers,then we’re happy!

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