Well, I’m not even sure if overpaying for everyday shopping is even a recognised term but when I experience it, it upsets me.

We are going through a major transition as human beings. From the way we socialise with each other, to the way we do our bank to the way we shop. More and more of our lives is spent engaging with the internet.

While I still do prefer good old human contact when it comes to socialising. When it comes to shopping, I definitely have a preference for online for most things that I need to buy. Well, apart from food and some clothes.

Apart from being able to get things at a discounted price, the ability to compare prices across many different sites at the click of a button, to earn cash back as well as the ease and security of purchasing using E-wallets like Paypal and Neteller means that most of my shopping is done online.

Now overpaying for everyday shopping occurs when you get caught in a situation where you have no option but to pay the retail price for a product that you could normally get for almost half the price.

This happened to me recently when I ran out of toothpaste. Now while I normally get this online for £0.90, I couldn’t face going the two or three days it takes for delivery without brushing my teeth so I was forced to buy from a local retailer for £2.49!

Now it’s not about the amount here, it’s the principle. I know that I normally get this product for over 60% Less. So being in this position definitely left feeling hijacked by a retail outlet.

Of course, if you’re not used to shopping online and enjoying the savings of doing so, this might seem trivial. But believe me, once you start doing it, you begin realising that every penny really does counts.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid going through the pain of overpaing for everyday shopping.

  • Buy in bulk. Buying in bulk online will definitely help you to save money and this should hopefully leave you with plenty of the product that you need
  • Buy regularly. Ever since being feeling hijacked, I now buy certain products at regular monthly intervals. Now I don’t run out of anything I need to use regularly.
  • Work out your usage. Whether it’s toothpaste, or deodorant, or razor blades or toilet paper. Work out how often you normally need to top up your supplies and try to order online a week in advance.
  • Know your savings. Look at your receipt from your last shopping trip and compare the retail prices with the online prices. I would start with eBay and Amazon for finding savings on the products.
  • Don’t give up on retail. While you will more than likely always find it cheaper to shop online, every now and again, supermarkets put on deals and special offers on products that actually beat online prices. This is your chance to give back to retail and make even more savings.

Here’s a little video I found that will give you some good tips and techniques for shopping on Ebay

While it would be lovely to buy everything online, there are some products that you will just have to venture to the supermarket for. Namely your food products. Enjoy this time.

You should be happy to go out and spend time shopping. Picking out the right fruit, vegetables, meat or fish that you like. As far as toiletries, cleaning products and other non-perishable goods go, try and make the switch to shopping online to start saving you some money.

Also, while on the topic of saving money, it’s definitely worth signing up with a cashback site like Top Cashback or Quidco.

Apart from already saving on retail prices, you also earn cash back on every purchase. Not only that, but if you shop on Ebay, you earn nectar points as well! The fun and savings just don’t stop when you shop online and avoid overpaying for everyday shopping.

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