7 Things to Avoid in Pound Stores

We do love a good bargain and while pound stores can be great places to pick up some great inexpensive items, sometimes you get what you pay for.

What we mean is rather than ending up with a bargain, you could very likely end up with junk or, even worse, something that proves to be dangerous.

Here’s a list of things that you might want to put on your avoid list when shopping in these stores;

1. Electric cords and other electric devices

If you would rather not reduce your home to embers, we suggest you steer clear of cords and electric devices from pound stores.

That may sound overly dramatic, but they don’t have a great track record of quality control when it comes to cords and electronics.

2. Toys

The problem in all honesty, is that these toys are junk.

Beyond that, we suggest that you’re better off paying a little more and steering clear of the tears and frustration.

We’re talking about stuff that breaks if you look at it wrong. The wheels will fall off, the batteries won’t work, or your 3-year-old will snap it in two before you’ve even hit the parking lot. Then, you’ll be left a buck (or two) poorer with a broken toy and an upset child.

3. Shampoo and beauty products

Opinions seem to be mixed on dollar store shampoo and beauty products, but they get a thumbs down from us. Not because of any safety concern, but because they often don’t provide great value.

Pound stores may sell brand-name products, though we do not believe these products to be the same as the full-priced versions sold elsewhere.

Leaving that aside, we find that much of the stock smaller bottles compared with what you get in other stores. So you may not be paying a lot, but you’re not getting a lot either.

4. Kitchen knives

Quality concerns also get kitchen knives placed on the do-not-buy list at pound stores.

It might look like a bargain getting four knives for a pound but these knives can be flimsy and dull. Both are bad when you’re trying to cut your food and not your finger.

5. Bathroom tissue

This is a hit and miss. We have found that some of the brands stock in pound shops can be of decent quality but often the opposite is true. There’s no need to elaborate on what harm using harsh bathroom tissue can cause.

6. Canned and boxed foods

Most pound stores carry a selection of canned, boxed and bagged foods that may include many brand names. Some stores may even have a full grocery section complete with meat and produce.

While the pound pricing may seem like a bargain, you could also find many of these items on sale at the bigger grocery stores for less. In particular, Tesco and Morrisons seem to win on the price war for canned and boxed foods.

7. Batteries

Finally, we come to batteries. In a pinch, pound store batteries will work just fine, but don’t expect them to run anything like the brand names. You may get 12 batteries in a pack but they won’t run for half as long as 4 Duracell or Energizer

Photo by Jonathan Charles

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