It’s a great feeling when you receive money that you didn’t expect so when I check my email and see ‘You’ve Received Cash back in your Account’, my day is off to a great start


Getting that message that says you have received cash back. That is one thing I love about shopping online. The hunt for bargains is easier and fun. You also never know what you’ll stumble upon. I have learned to become best friends with my bookmark tool 🙂

The ability to see that I’ve received cash back on most purchases though is what keeps me excited about shopping online. Yes most shops will have a loyalty points system where you can earn points every time you shop but the getting cash is much better.

If you’re not familiar with how cash back works, you basically access the shops you want to buy from through another site, in this case Top Cashback, they take a note of your transaction once you make a purchase and within a couple of weeks you get an email saying you’ve received cash back. It normally comes when you least expect it as well so it tends to bring happiness.

If you want to learn more about this trend, you can read our blog post on cash back. It will also provide you with a list of other cash back sites that you can explore if you think Top Cashback is not for you. Another one of our favourite ones for great deals and offers is

Whatever you do, if you are a fan of  shopping online, then you need to start using a cash back site today. Once you do, you will understand the joy that I feel. That joy when I access my email inbox and see that headline, ‘You’ve received cash back!

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