Supermarket Bargains that can save you up to £50 per week

Any bargain is a good bargain but there’s something about supermarket bargains that puts a smile on our faces.

It might be because we love food so much but we are grateful that Wendy decided to share her tips with us. Now according to Wendy, there’s no secret formula to finding bargains in Supermarkets but you do have to apply a little strategy to get the most out of these bargains.

If you’ve been to a supermarket late at night, you may have seen her stalking the aisles, looking for stickers on items that indicate a piece of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables or a ready meal has been heavily discounted. Supermarkets will tend to reduce the price of items approaching their sell by dates

Wendy says she saves at least £50 a week compared with paying full price for some of these items.

Supermarket Bargains

“I’ll buy items for 5p, 10p or 20p and they have about a week of freshness left, while their full price is probably double that in pounds.”

“Sometimes they discount very weird things, like washing powder that was reduced from £6 to 99p. I took 20 boxes and still haven’t run out – that was two years ago.

Her advice is to buy meat and fish on Sundays and fresh fruit and vegetables during the week.

“The best part is that I get much better quality food than I would normally buy – the ‘finest’ options rather than own brand, or organic produce – because they are usually very expensive.”

The trick is to know the closing times of your local supermarket and pay them a visit during their last hour or 30 minutes of business. Be prepared to even follow around the worker with the price gun ready to pounce on those reductions as soon as they are made. There’s no room for being bashful when when on the hunt for Supermarket bargains.

You might be a bit apprehensive about this method of shopping thinking it might be risky eating food that’s going off but not to worry, it’s all completely safe.

Tristram Stuart, author of Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal, says “sell-by” and “best before” dates instilled a misplaced fear that fresh food has expired.

“Shoppers are overcautious about food that is about to pass its ‘sell‑by’ or ‘best before’ dates, when actually these labels are used in absurd ways,” he said. “Most of these are overcautious and misapplied, and put us off from using our own common sense about the proper storage and preparation of food.” This is how we miss out on supermarket bargains.

“The use of these dates on fruit and vegetables, for example, is not required by law and totally unnecessary.”

The exception is “use-by” dates, which are a legal requirement and indicate that an item, such as raw meat, is unsafe to eat after this time. “People confuse this with ‘sell by’ and ‘best before’, when the latter two do not indicate that food is actually about to go off.”

While most supermarkets are reluctant to adopt the aggressive discounting that leads to these great supermarket bargains, it is a growing practice and worth keeping a look out for.

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