Train Split uses a method known as “ticket splitting” to find cheaper train fares which are normally hidden from the public.

The tool finds savings by allowing passengers to buy multiple tickets for different parts of the same train journey.

The combined train fares are often far cheaper than buying one ticket for the whole trip making this one of those UK deals that will definitely help you save.

The founders of Train Split claim they can help passengers to save an average 22 percent on each journey.

An Off-Peak ticket to return the same day between Birmingham and Leeds costs £58.10. However, you can buy a ticket from Birmingham to Derby, one from Derby to Sheffield and one from Sheffield to Leeds for a total of £37.90, saving £20.20. At peak times, the savings can be much bigger.

Passengers must take trains that stop at any station where one ticket ends and another starts, but that does not mean that they need to get off.

Split-ticketing is permitted by the conditions of carriage, though train firms have lobbied for it to be banned. The service that helps passengers save on train fares was launched in April last year by computer programmer Nick Brown, 45, a rail enthusiast by the name of Mike Richardson and their business partner George Sikking.

According to Mr. Richardson: “The idea is to take insider knowledge and make it available to the general traveler, so they don’t have to work anything out themselves.”

“I don’t want to see people pay more than they need to pay for train fares,” said Mr. Brown.

So if you’re looking for savings on rail fares, head on over to Train Split

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